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About Us

About Us

We, humans are the ultimate collectors.  What do we collect with each passing event?  Memories.  When we want to brush a memory off to relive it, we search for mementos.  In the attic.  In the basement.  In our computers or on our phones.

Salyra makes it easier to keep those cherished memories alive as treasured pieces of art that fill the space where you live.

Salyra beautifully captures your happiest memories on beautiful aluminum prints to add beauty to your walls.  Keep these same memories even closer as they are printed on your pillows and throw pillows.  Take these memories “on the go” with as fashionably printed scarves that are conversation pieces.

At Salyra, we value the stories, people, places and things in your life so much that a part of every purchase goes to charities that range in purpose from helping children create positive memories to helping seniors preserve them. Please see the section of “Causes we care about"

Our Team


Collin Magargee


Understanding how impactful good videos can be, Collin is the master artist behind Salyra’s video communications. His passion for video and film started when he was in a high school. His teacher assigned a group project to film a scene from Macbeth. Being the only group member with access to a video camera, Collin took on the filming and editing responsibilities. The experience ignited Collin's passion for video and film. From there he took on more projects and learned as much as he could about the art.


Elisha Gupta

Marketing DJ

Having fun isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. Those actor kids in the movies make swinging look way easier than it is. It takes technique, know how and courage. Elisha, on the other hand, knows how to swing. Why? Because she’s a crack researcher who studies everything, even how to have fun.


Hongson Pham

Quality Control

If you need it done “right”, Son, as we call him, is your go-to guy. Meticulous, pensive and “doesn’t talk much”, Son has been adding the finishing touches to our products for almost fifteen years. He cares so much about quality, no job leaves the shop without his approval.


Jason Khoo

Marketing Guru

If the rainbow sunglasses haven’t already given it away, Jason has been interested in learning how to stand out since was a kid. Naturally he grew up to be a marketer focused on making sure that Salyra is just as cool as those stone cold sunglasses.


Jose Garcia

Customer Care

In addition to being the face of the company with all of our clients, Jose is also the heart and soul of our operation. He has been in various managerial roles within and had performed equally perfect in all of them. A CAD specialist by training, Jose excels in customer care.


Marisol Rexach

Project Manager

Marisol likes pretty things and she has a flair for design. Ask about her favorite color and she won’t be able to decide, but put her in a disorganized space and she has it ready for the cover of Home and Gardens.


Ron Arellano

Web Designer

Ron knows how to look good. He knows how to make everything look good. You might say that’s why he is Salyra’s lead designer. But let’s forget the beautiful website or the amazing graphics on the Salyra website, to understand his mastery you just need to look at that iconic, legendary Beatles haircut.


Teresa Langess


Teresa helps craft the message behind the images. She knows the “distant replay” value of a photograph, recalling the whole day her family spent traveling to Sears to take this photo, when she was age three. Why does she remember it? Because the photo lived on!


Zack Dafaallah


Yo! The man with the fro! Zack loves the latest trends- especially in technology! He’s the one who got us all fired up about this new technology. Zack is a social entrepreneur who is committed to surrounding us with our cherished memories. I mean, really, who’d want to forget his fro? THAT’S a memory worth sharing.